Recovery has barely started.

I love Paradise. I lived there for 31 years. On November 8, in a few tragic hours, we were wiped out.

Since the fire, I’ve dedicated my life to helping residents of these communities rebuild their lives. They call me, text me, find me. The people affected by the Camp Fire are of all ages, and from all walks of life. They are someone’s grandparent, someone’s parent, someone’s sibling, and someone’s child.

The devastation remains vast.

More help is needed.

With my own money and generous contributions, I’ve provided survivors with temporary and permanent housing, food, supplies, fuel, and other necessities. The needs are growing and evolving. But I am also a survivor. I need your help to support others.


What You Can Do


  • Reach out through Facebook
  • Apply for donations
  • Contact me personally--I'll help in any way I can, and will always be here


  • Donate: If you are able, please support financially with a donation that will go directly towards helping survivors with critical needs
  • Get involved: Call, text, email me with what you can provide--services, time, support, advocacy, love
  • Grants: We are in critical need of funding, and any grant writing would be immensely helpful
  • Facebook: Follow me to learn of recovery efforts, and become part of our incredible community of survivors and supporters

Support Through Community Heroes

Through the support of Community Heroes, we were able to provide a screening of the Camp Fire documentary.
Many generous donors provided almost $10,000 to help me help others with critical needs.


How to Support Me

I am a blessed survivor volunteering my time while caring for my family.
I would be very grateful for any personal financial support to help me help others.

Venmo: or @Stephen-Murray-38
Stephen's wife Audrey's Paypal:

And, always:

#SCMLove. Share what's happening and spread the love. Be the positive light. It's the fuel we need to keep going.